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Derinya Primary School Zone

You can find our school zone or check which school your residence is zoned to at

Tours of Derinya Primary School

All our tour dates can be found and booked through our website. While we have dedicated Foundation tour dates weekly through Term 2, we also have general tours on the first Tuesday of each month during school terms.

Enrolment Process

Thank you for considering Derinya Primary School for your child’s education. Enrolling your child at school for the first time is as much about your family joining a school community as it is about the education of your child.

At Derinya we currently have an Enrolment Boundary within which all enrolments will be accepted. Our enrolment process is as follows :-

  1. If you are in our school zone and have supplied the correct documentation required you can be assured your child will be offered enrolment at Derinya Primary School.
  2. If you already have a sibling attending, you can be assured your child has a place at Derinya Primary School.
  3. For prospective foundation students who are out of our zone and submit an enrolment for Foundation students commencing the following year, you will be informed by email if we are able to offer your child enrolment with us by end of September. If you haven’t heard from us it means that the process has not been finalised. If you receive a placement offer from another school prior to our process being finalised, it is your decision to either accept that placement or wait and see if you were successful in gaining a place at Derinya Primary School. If you do accept, please let us know, as it may be a place we can offer another family. We cannot guide you in your decision making.

Enrolment Procedures

Foundation Enrolment
Enrolment forms can be collected when you join us on a school tour. Enrolment forms are not mailed or handed out without attending a tour unless you are a current family. You will be required to provide proof of residence within our school boundary (please refer to the following link for acceptable documents) checklist

Enrolment forms will not be accepted without all required documentation.

Enrolments other than Foundation –
We understand that, for various reasons, students enrol into our school at different times throughout the year. To support a smooth transition and to assist us to make the best placement for your child, we appreciate receiving as much information as possible. When your family commences at Derinya, our staff will ensure that your child is ‘buddied up’ with students who will do their best to make his or her first weeks at our school a positive and happy experience.


Our extensive transition program commences in Term 3, it provides students and parents with a number of opportunities to visit our school, engage with teachers and students and to experience life at primary school. More information will be provided with your enrolment is confirmed.
We are very proud of our school community and look forward to welcoming you as you begin this new and exciting stage of your child’s learning journey.

Buddy Program

The Buddy program is something that Derinya is exceptionally proud of. This program is initiated to develop a partnership, leadership, and independence amongst the students. Students are paired up from Prep and Grade 5, and the teachers take considerable time ensuring that the children are paired with a like-minded buddy, not someone they are already familiar with. The Prep child and their Grade 5 Buddy spend some time doing activities in the classroom and playing outside together. We encourage the Grade 5 children to support the Prep children with feeling confident in the schoolyard and having a friendly face to feel comfortable whilst at school.

News & Important Dates

2022 Basketball State Champions!

2022 Basketball State Champions!

Congratulations to our State Champion basketball team. The girls went through every stage undefeated and won the final against Canterbury PS 31-24. A huge achievement to the team and their coaches, especially considering they start from a pool of over 1500 teams! This...

Celebrating 50 Years

Celebrating 50 Years

Amongst the celebrations for Derinya’s 50th anniversary, was a recreation of the whole-school photo taken back in 1996 when the school celebrated the 25th anniversary (if anyone has a copy of the photo, we’d love to get our hands on it!). This time around, we all...

New Derinya Classrooms

New Derinya Classrooms

It has been great to have our five Grade 3 and five Grade 4 classes move in together into the new building. The Grade 3s occupy the downstairs whilst the Grade 4s are upstairs.


july, 2024

Term Dates



Derinya has a strict policy on uniform. Uniforms are considered important for many reasons including:

  • To promote equality amongst all students.
  • To further develop a sense of pride in, and identification with our school.
  • To provide durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for our school environment.
  • To maintain and enhance the positive image of the school in the community.

All uniform items can be purchased through Primary School Wear which has a retail outlet in Mornington. You can also order on line via their website

There are many uniform items to choose from to suit each student’s personal preference, with both summer and winter options.

Derinya primary school runs a 2nd hand uniform shop on site each week. This is run by parent volunteers and is stocked with donated uniform items that are in very good condition. It is a great way to top up your uniform staples.

Year 6 uniform
Our year 6 students have a unique uniform for their final year. This is ordered directly through the school and cannot be purchased elsewhere independently.

Derinya Kitchen Day

Derinya Kitchen Day is a highlight of the week. Led by our Kitchen Specialist, Kim, children are able to order their lunch to be delivered on a Thursday lunch time. There are many delicious items on the menu which students contribute to forming through our Student Voice Team.

Community Connect & Volunteers

Community Connect are a group of parent volunteers who support our school in many ways. Helping out with fundraising, special events, parent nights or just supporting classes are all ways our Community Connect Team contribute to the fabulous culture of our school.

Volunteers are always welcome. There are many ways you can help out, some of which include:

  • DKD helpers
  • Helping in the garden
  • Class reading support
  • Working bees
  • Helping at our discos
  • Supporting the Mother’s, Father’s and Special Person’s Day stall
  • Contributing to election day BBQ’s
  • Assisting with parent nights e.g. trivia evenings

Derinya Families’ Facebook Page

Xuno is the school’s major communication platform. However we do offer a Derinya Families Facebook page that all families are welcome to join. This is a great way to connect with other parents, support each other to stay up to date and celebrate achievements throughout the year.

Before & After School Care

Derinya Primary School has outside school hours & holiday care run by TheirCare in our stadium.

For more information and or to make a booking, please do so on their website.